Net asset value: € 25.1579 Date: 12 february 2020

Yield year-to-date (1 january 2020): 0.83 percent

Yield since inception (1 july 2017): 0.63 percent

Fresh Active Equity Fund allows investors the opportunity to invest in an active and professionally managed portfolio of equities including risk management. The administrator has adopted a policy of actively screening to comply with the investment objective. This screening process is ranking equities based on internal analysis and external research. The timing of purchase and sale is backed up by fundamental and quantitative analysis. Fresh Active Equity Fund is an investment fund, which is characterized by an offensive risk profile.

The main objective is to generate long term value by selecting primarily equities. Fresh Active Equity Fund applies a combined benchmark that consists of 50% iShares MSCI EMU UCITS ETF and 50% iShares Core MSCI World UCITS ETF.

drs. Richard Abma
drs. Richard AbmaSenior Portfolio Manager +31(0)20 504 04 20
Otto Bazuin CFA
Otto Bazuin CFAPortfolio Manager+31(0)20 504 04 20
Currency: Euro
Buy/Sell costs: 0,10% (max. 0,25%)
Running costs (maximum estimation): 1,2%
Management fee: 0,75%

Fresh Active Equity Fund is an investment vehicle which can be considered fiscally transparent. The fund does not distribute any dividend. Revenue is reinvested.